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What aspects can rotational molding factory apply to

2020-10-27 14:06:27

The basic production process of rotational molding products is very simple, that is, the powder or paste polymer is put into the mold for heating. At the same time, the mold rotates around a vertical axis, rotates and rotates, and then cools and forms. So what is its symbolic application? Let's recognize it together.

1. Container products

This kind of plastic products are commonly used in water storage tanks, tanks for various liquid rotational chemical products (such as acid, alkali, salt, chemical pesticides, etc.), gas oil containers (gas oil storage tanks and fuel tanks for cars and airplanes), and the cover of plastic oil tanks for batteries, etc.

2. Rotational molding products for cars

It mainly uses high-pressure polyethylene and polyethylene products, vinyl paste resin, various kinds of pipe fittings, such as air conditioner elbow, chair back, guardrail, etc.

Rotational molding mold

3. Sports equipment and various substitutes

There are various kinds of high-pressure polyethylene paste products, such as water polo, floating ball, bicycle cushion, small sailboat and shock absorber between ship and dock.

4. Small toys, various arts and crafts, etc

Because it can be manufactured by precise, dense casting, electroforming and other processes; the surface layer of rotational molding products has a very good "replication" effect on the fine structure of the die surface layer, so the rotational molding method can make the products very beautiful, so it is often used to make products with great appreciation, especially small toys and various arts and crafts.

5. In addition to the above, there are also various kinds of box body, shell large pipe fittings and other products, such as plastic turnover box, garbage can, equipment shell, protective cover, lamp cover, bathroom, toilet, telephone room, cruise ship, etc. Rotational molding products have been widely used in liquid chemicals storage and transportation, chemical plants, I industry spraying, washing tank, reaction tank, river and sea buoy, domestic water tank and other fields.

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