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The rotational mould is suitable for making hollow objects of various complicated shapes

2020-10-27 14:06:27

In the molding process, the materials are gradually coated and deposited on the inner surface of the mold, and the products have a strong ability to copy the fine structures such as patterns on the cavity. At the same time, because the mold is not subject to external pressure in the molding process, precision casting and other methods can be directly used to make the mold with fine structure and complex shape.


1. Save raw materials

The wall thickness of rotational molding products is uniform and the chamfering is slightly thick, so it can give full play to the efficiency of materials, which is conducive to saving raw materials; in addition, there is no runner, gate and other waste materials in the process of rotational molding. Once the commissioning is completed, there is almost no return charge in the production process, so the utilization rate of materials is very high.

Rotational molding mold

2. It's easy to change the color of the product when it is molded

In rotational molding, the materials are directly added to the mold each time, which makes all the materials enter the products. After the products are taken out of the mold, the materials needed for the next molding are added. Therefore, when we need to change the color of the products, we will not waste a bit of raw materials, nor need to spend time cleaning the machine and mold.

When we use multiple molds to roll form the same kind of plastic products, we can also add materials of different colors into different molds, and at the same time, we can roll plastic products of different colors.

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