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Rolling mould is suitable for large and large-scale parts

2020-10-27 14:06:27

In most plastic molding processes, the plastics and molds are under quite high pressure (pressure), such as injection molding, compression molding, extrusion, blow molding, etc., which are widely used. Therefore, when using these molding processes to produce large-scale plastic parts, not only the molds that can withstand great pressure must be used, In addition, the plastic molding equipment must be designed and manufactured for ten years, and the machining accuracy and cost of the machine mold will increase correspondingly.

Rotational molding mold

On the contrary, because the rotational molding process only requires the strength of the frame to support the weight of the material, the mold and the frame itself, as well as the mold closing force to prevent material leakage, even if large and extra large plastic parts are rotational molded, there is no need to use very heavy equipment and mold. The processing and manufacturing of the machine mold is very convenient, the manufacturing cycle is short, and the cost is low. Theoretically speaking, there is almost no upper limit on the size of the parts formed by the rotational molding process. It is impossible to produce such a large plastic container without expensive and huge blow molding equipment.

It is suitable for the production of various varieties and small batch of plastic products: because the mould for rotational molding is not affected by external force, it is simple, cheap and convenient to manufacture. In addition, the rotational molding equipment also has greater mobility. A rotational molding machine can not only install a financial mold, but also arrange a number of small molds. It can not only mold parts of different sizes, but also shape products of extremely different sizes and shapes at the same time. As long as the raw materials used for the rotational molding products are the same and the thickness of the products is the same, So the rotational molding process has more flexibility than other molding methods.

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