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XINGHUI MOLD was established in 2010, and the core team has 20 years of rotomolding experience.

At present, the factory is 15,000 square meters and has a technical team of 50, from mold design and manufacturing, surface treatment, product manufacturing and package. From concept to production, XINGHUI MOLD is your full-service product development partner. The annual mold production capacity is 1000 sets and the product production capacity is 10,000 sets

Our rotational molding exported overseas : USA, Germany, Australia, Canada, Israel, Mexico, Colombia, Qatar, Japan, South Korea, Russia, etc.

Business line : include container series, auto parts, road safety series, water entertainment series, industrial equipment, LED furniture, washing machine series, amusement product series, medical Equipment, home and garden product series, aerospace product series, and so on.

Our Advantage:

1.One-stop service, from design, manufacture to production. , save much time and cost. 

2. Strict quality requirements, in line with IP68 international quality standards.

3. Each project is served one-on-one by a senior project manager to ensure on-time delivery and quality.

Our Vision and Mission:

Our Vision -

Committed to providing customers with the best rotomolding mold solutions.

Our Mission -

Challenge all the limitations of roto mold and make the impossible possible.

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Mobile: +86 13567401080

Address: No. 6-1, Weier Road, Xindong Village, Fanshi, Longshan Town, Ningbo, China

Ningbo Xinghui Rotational Molding Factory