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Rotational molding products have entered our life

2020-10-27 14:06:40

In the past, most of our plastic products were touch molded. At the beginning, it was OK. With the growth of years, we found that there were various product quality problems in injection molding products. Therefore, the team found such problems, and widely developed similar rotational molding products. Today, Xiaobian has made a detailed classification for the application fields of rotational molding products

Rotational molding mold

1. Rolling plastic processing various boxes, various storage tanks: such as toolbox, protection box, transport box, military box, plastic container, plastic tank, medical refrigerated box, food heat preservation box, fishing box, etc.

2. Plastic parts of various mechanical products processed by rolling plastic: the shell of the electric vehicle of the roller dehumidifier, the roof of the rolling plastic car, the vehicle water tank, the diesel oil tank, the urea tank, the roll plastic fender, the washing machine shell and other automobile accessories.

3. Plastic toys for rolling processing: Children's rolling toys such as horse shaking, kindergarten rolling facilities such as slide, rolling plastic amusement facilities, rolling plastic fitness equipment.

4. Rolling plastic processing of various leisure furniture or outdoor products: Beach chair, limited sofa, color lampshade, color light box, roll table, roll plastic chair, roll plastic flowerpot, roll plastic basin art facilities.

5. Rolling plastic processing traffic safety facilities: collision bucket, roadblock, water horse, safety protection device and various bottom fixing parts of articles.

6. Water products for rolling plastic processing: kayak, fishing boat, yacht shell, large pontoon, large floating box, etc.

Compared with the previous products, the rolling plastic processing products have the advantages of low cost, long service life, hollow seamless and so on.

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